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Strategic Partner Workshops

We believe in creating win-win scenarios where the business owner is in the center. We do this by partnering with professional organizations, wealth advisors, insurance brokers, compensation specialist, executive coaches, accountants, attorneys and other businesses that work directly with small to medium size business owners. 

We like to bring value to every relationship and one way we can do that is through hosted webinars and workshops. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to bring additional value to your clients and potentially generate additional leads for your business.

Course Descriptions

2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years in our lifetime. For business owners it has been a roller coaster ride of many ups and downs. Some businesses are thriving, but many are struggling.

This series is a look back at experiences encountered over the years as member of the executive team for a small startup that eventually grew to a $100 million business. Over a span of 19 years, the business went through rapid growth, unplanned decline, multiple financial crises, foreign expansion, and eventual buy out by a publicly traded company. With 11 locations, in 4 different countries with 3000 employees, there were extensive ripple effects to every decision and lessons to be learned from each one.

These webinars are designed to help other business owner make their way through the challenges being faced today.

Is All Revenue Good Revenue? – Sometimes success can be scarier than failure. What if your biggest customer came to you tomorrow and wanted to double their business? For most the instant reaction would “heck yes!” without thinking about the short- and long-term effects this can have on the value of business, the people inside it and the other clients in your portfolio. Attendees will be exposed to a real-life case study of where a company said YES and how years later, they began to question if it was the right decision. Gain a new perspective on how prepare your business for rapid growth how to choose the right clients for your business.

$'s Hidden in Plain Sight – As business owners, sometimes we get so focused on new business development that we lose sight of the potential right in front of us. Or maybe it is the other way around where we invest all our time and resources into serving the top 1-2 clients. Either way it is a model riddled with opportunity. Through interactive discussion and insightful exercises discover new revenue opportunities that may have been in front of you the whole time. See how one business owner uncovered over $500,000 of potential new revenue. 

3 Steps to Get Your Life Back - How is your workload these days? If the pandemic has forced you back into the weeds of your business, you are not alone. Many owners are again doing tasks they have not done in years because they have had to lay off front-line staff or their employees have fallen ill or are caring for someone in need. Being back in the middle of things is neither healthy for you nor your business long term. Personally, it’s a recipe for burnout, and professionally, your business will be less valuable with you doing all the work. Now is an excellent opportunity to retool your company so that it can start running without you again.

Additional upcoming webinars include Predictable & Controllable Turnover and Communication in a Crisis. All webinars can be tailored to fit a specific audience, industry or business. If you have specific topics you would like to cover for your business or organization, just ask. There is a chance that we have something in our arsenal of material.

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