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The average business owner has over 70% of their wealth tied up in their business. Unlike checking your account balance at the bank, it is difficult to assess what the business is worth. Most business owners believe it is all driven by revenues and profits. For an investor it is much more than that, they are betting on the future success of that company.


We have identified 8 top drivers to increase business valuation. Our proprietary process combines state of the art technology with real life hands-on experience. See how your business rates in comparison to others in industry and create a basic business valuation with line of sight to how you can increase value by up to 70%.




In a recent survey from the Exit Planning Institute, over 75% of business owners regret selling their business one year later. The primary driver is that they did very little to plan for their next chapter. A common myth is that exiting a business equates to retirement. It does not have to be that way. In fact, the most satisfied business owners were the ones who had clear vision of what their next chapter would like. This could include opening up other businesses, traveling to far away lands, volunteering your time or pursuing other goals. 


We help our clients achieve Total World Domination. To get to your destination you need to know what it means to you, your business, the people around you and how much money you need to make it happen. This is where we partner with your wealth advisor, CPA, attorney or other key advisors to create your personal wealth strategy, while we focus on your business wealth strategy. Together we will create a road map towards your targeted destination.


Value Creation

Increasing the value of your business is not all about bringing in more revenue, in fact sometimes more revenue could decrease value if it is not the right kind of revenue. Our process begins with getting you and your business ready for the journey.  


For those that are ready to get started on the climb, we have multiple paths available that makes the best use of the business owner's time by quickly and efficiently identifying the most impactful areas of opportunity. With a built in a cadence of accountability, we turn strategy into action and action into results.



Transition Planning

It takes time to prepare for an eventual transitions and many business owners are unaware of the options available. We educate the business owner on the different paths they could take and help them think through the immediate and long term consequences of their decision. 

We have curated a team of strategic partners that can help advise on updating ownership agreements, designing buy sell agreements, tax, insurance, estate planning, wealth management, investment banking, private equity investments and deal negotiations. Together, our objective is to develop the most satisfying and profitable transition for the business owner and their family. 

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