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C-Suite POV Bootcamps

Switch out your lenses and gain a new perspective of what is critical when juggling the role of CFO, COO, CMO and CEO. Discover each point of view ( POV) of the players around the C-suite table through each one-of-a-kind business bootcamp. Each bootcamp lasts for 4 weeks and will include one guest speaker who has been there, done that and can share their real life experiences as a member of the executive leadership team. 


CEO Point of View

Removing the Roadblocks & Excuses

What's In it for Everyone?

Identify the wants, needs & fears holding you and your team back. Dig deep into what is important you and those around you.

The Unexpected & the Inevitable

Complete a risk assessment and walk away with tools you can use with your team to help prioritize what to do now, next, last & never.

Become an "Execuity" Expert  
Create a strategic plan and cascade it across the organization,  Define what done looks like, and remove excuses for not meeting commitments. 


CFO Point of View

Finance is NOT a Foreign Language

Demystifying EBITDA

Learn the basics of EBITDA, COGS, gross margin, net margin and everything in between including cashflow & KPIs.

Basics of Building Budgets  
Don't wait until the 15th of the next month for financials. Gain real time insight & control with leading & lagging indicators of profitability. 

Control the Cash

82% of businesses fail due to lack of cash. Implement tighter controls on cash and be better prepared for unplanned drains on your reserves.


COO Point of View

Organizational Alignment

Right People in the Right Roles

Through the use of Strengths Finders, learn the secrets of getting the most out of your team, improving engagement and increasing retention.

Optimal Utilization & Efficiency
Find the measurements that fit your business for maximizing output and profitability without compromising quality.

Creating the WOW Factor 
Everyone wants it but very few have it. Create memorable moments that will turn customers and influencers into raving fans.


CMO Point of View

Find, Get & Keep More 

Do What You Do Best

Lean into where you do your best work, have the biggest impact are the most profitable and cultivate the low hanging fruit from your existing customers.

Aligning Marketing, Sales & Operations  

Get everyone on the same page by creating a brand message map based upon the core DNA of the business.

Undercover Marketer

Define expectations then take a walk in the shoes of an outsider to see if the brand experience will produce results and convert prospects into raving fans.