Founder, Linda Ruffenach, spent 20 years growing a small startup to a $100 million international enterprise. She progressed through the ranks starting as an application developer, moved quickly into overseeing operations, did a 3 year stent as CFO and eventually become CEO. She has been through almost every stage a company can go through from fast growth, rapid decline, to complete transformation.

Her passion for paying it forward and sharing her experiences with others is why Execuity was created. She partners with CEOs and business owners to design a strategic road map for the future, identifying and removing the roadblocks along the way. 


Let her and her team help hone in on the vision of the future and implements strategies to get everything working in the same direction so the vision for Total World Domination can be achieved.

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9462 Brownsboro Road, #156

Louisville, Kentucky  40241

Contact Us at info@execuity.com | 502.386.5504

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