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revenue by 208% 

Find, get and keep more customers so your business can scale, grow and increase in value.

Tackle the challenge of aligning marketing, sales and operations to ensure customer expectations match the experience.  

Create focus out of chaos, turning ideas into action, implementing strategies to build your business and your brand.

According to a study from Wheelhouse Advisor, by aligning sales and marketing, your business could generate 208% more marketing revenue.



Exit planning & value creation

Business, brand and vision alignment 

Message map development

Stakeholder calibration

Cadence of accountability



"Find, Get, Keep" assessment

Ideal customer profile & personas

Targeted marketing & pipeline development 

RFP response library & pricing models

New customer on-boarding

customer experience

Customer experience audit


Customer journey mapping

Customer experience management

CRM selection & implementation

Operational preparedness planning



execution with strategic acuity.

Established in 2014, Execuity is a woman owned strategic business consultancy that believes every business can achieve their version of Total World Domination. We believe the best way to increase the value of the business is by striking the right balance between profitability, employee engagement and customer experience.

From emerging startups to fully established businesses, we serve owners and CEOs who recognize the value of a gaining alignment of customer expectations set during the marketing and sales process to the customer experience, all while keeping profitability at the forefront. 

We serve businesses that…

  • Are at a critical point and need to think strategically about their next move

  • Eventually plan to exit their business and wants to maximize value

  • Need help communicating and living their brand in all aspects of their business

  • Want to scale and grow their business

  • Are struggling to get sales, marketing and operations are on the same page

  • Want to find, get and keep more customers


They see the opportunity for Total World Domination and believe in the value of having a skilled guide along with them on their journey.




Founder, Linda Ruffenach, has been in marketing and customer care for over 20 years. She has been COO, CFO & CEO, growing a small startup to a $100+ million international enterprise . She has been through every stage a company can go through from fast growth, rapid decline, to complete transformation.

Her passion for paying it forward and sharing her experiences with others is why Execuity was created. She partners with clients to design a strategic roadmap for the future, identifying and removing the roadblocks along the way. She helps them hone in on their vision of the future and implements strategies to get everyone working in the same direction.

As the founder of Whisky Chicks and author of the best-selling book, How to be a Bourbon Badass, she is the perfect blend of business and bourbon. She has helped introduce and educate people from all over the world, to the pleasures of a good glass of whisk(e)y and to the secrets of how to achieve Total World Domination.  


As a professional speaker and event producer, she has hosted and spoken at 120+ events. Let her be your guide on your path towards Total World Domination. 

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