Execuity (ex-uh-kyoo-i-tee) -execution with strategic acuity

From emerging startups to fully established businesses, we serve owners and CEOs who recognize the value of a striking the right balance between personal, financial and business goals to achieve their dreams.

We serve business owners that…

  • Are at a critical point and need to think strategically about their next move

  • Are curious to know what their business is worth and don't know where to begin

  • Want to reduce the time they are personally involved in their business, while simultaneously increasing the sellable value of their business.

  • Plan to eventually exit their business and need guidance on the options available

  • Want to scale and grow their business in a way that it maximizes value

  • Understands that execution and accountability are key to success


They see the opportunity for Total World Domination and believe in the value of having a skilled guide along with them on their journey.


Find out what your business is worth and identify the biggest moves you can make to progress on your journey.


Let us guide you through defining your vision of Total World Domination and removing the roadblocks in your way.

value creation

Utilize our proven proprietary processes for strengthening your business, enabling growth and scalability.


exit planning

Get you and your business ready for transition, explore exit options and partner with industry leading experts to design the best plan for you.


Total World Domination Roadmap™

Achieving Total World Domination is a journey not a destination. The TWD Roadmap™ is focused on finding the right balance between personal, financial and business goals. 
Before beginning any journey, it is important to know what is in store for you. We always begin with a complimentary and confidential valuation assessment and a 1 hour no obligation consultation. If there is interest in taking the next step, we will find the right solution that fits the business owner's objective and budget.
The combination of our years of hands on experience and the proven value creation tools we utilize, can increase your business value by 70% or more. 

Discover the big levers to pull to increase business value.


The Value Builder Score™ questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes. You will instantly receive your Value Builder Score and individual key indicators that drive business value.

See How it Works


Our Approach

Striking the right balance between personal, financial and business goals. 

With over 20 years C-suite experience, Execuity founder Linda Ruffenach has been through about every stage a company can go through including navigating through a successful transition. Her unique combination of finance, operations and marketing help her view business through different lenses. 

To increase the value of a business, you have to know where you are starting and gain clarity on the areas that require the most attention. Our process begins with a complimentary assessment that evaluates major aspects of the business including individual scores on 8 primary value drivers.

After reviewing the results, we will guide the owner through a defined process that includes de-risking the business. We partner well with financial planners and wealth advisors to create parallel road maps for increasing both personal and business wealth. 

Prepare Yourself for Transition

Learn how to avoid becoming a statistic.


of owners regret how their exit was approached


of owners are happy with the net proceeds from their exit


simple questions can prepare you for an exit with no regrets

Client Testimonials

GlowTouch Technologies

The strategic thinking capability helped in tremendous ways. Linda is a caring and empathetic leader and a wonderful mentor. She is a consummate professional with excellent problem-solving skills.

Mercer PeoplePro

Execuity draws from their toolkit of ready knowledge to strategize and develop solutions and coaching plans to assist their clients. Excellent collaborator, problem solver and team player.


A wealth of C-suite experience, but understands how to use that experience to effectively and efficiently advise others to help them make their businesses more effective and profitable.


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